Teen Driver Safety 101: The Best Tools For New Drivers

Teens are inexperienced drivers, so it’s a no brainer that they still need to develop some of the skills that keep other drivers safe. Fortunately, there are a number of tools and apps that can not only protect teens, but help them learn the best habits for safe driving.

Not all tools are created equally, though. Which is why we are spotlighting parent’s favorites.

Here’s a look at the best teen driver safety tools and apps:

AT&T Drive Mode

AT&T Drive Mode is a free app that is available to all teens regardless of their cell phone service provider. The app is designed to automatically activate whenever it detects that it is inside a car traveling at least 15 mph. Once the app has been activated, it will silence incoming calls and texts so the driver stays focused on the road. AT&T customers also have access to the auto-reply feature, which will send automated replies to anyone who texts your teen while behind the wheel. The replies will simply let the contact know that your teen is driving and unable to respond at the moment.

Even though the app activates automatically, teen drivers can easily turn it off to regain access to their phone. However, if a teen driver deactivates the app, it will immediately notify the driver’s parents. Otherwise, the app will automatically turn off once the car has stopped driving for two to three consecutive minutes.

Focus By TeenDrive

Focus by TeenDrive is a revolutionary new technology that is designed to help teen drivers focus on the road, not their cell phones. How does it work?

  • First, parents can sign up for an account on the Focus by TeenDrive website.
  • Download Focus onto your teen’s phone and check your mail.
  • The company will send you a driving beacon, which is a small Bluetooth device, via mail shortly after an account has been created.
  • Place the device in your teen’s car, preferably on the dashboard or near the steering column once it has arrived.

Focus assumes that your teen is behind the wheel of a car whenever it detects the Bluetooth device nearby. As a result, the app will disable your child’s phone when it detects the driving beacon.

Focus will not shut down all of the features on your teen’s phone. Your teen can still place and receive phone calls even when the app has been activated. However, the app will block incoming notifications, access to apps, and the ability to send or receive texts. Since your teen won’t be able to use these features on his device, he will be forced to pay attention to the road. Thanks to Focus, parents no longer need to worry about their teens getting into car crashes as a result of using their phones while driving.

Hyundai Blue Link

No parent wants their teen’s car to break down on the side of the road. But, this often happens because teens do not know how to recognize the signs that their car is in need of maintenance or repair.

To prevent this problem, parents and new drivers can use the Hyundai Blue Link tool. If your teen has a Hyundai, download this tool on your phone and your teen’s phone so you can both access all of its features. Use the full vehicle diagnostic check to look for potential problems with your teen’s car. If an issue is discovered, parents and teens can use the app to schedule a maintenance appointment at a local Hyundai dealer. The app also sends parents and teens monthly reports that include maintenance reminders. This makes it easier for busy parents and forgetful teens to remember to take care of the vehicle.

Parents can also use the Blue Link tool to set boundaries for their teen drivers. For example, parents can adjust the settings to let the app know that their teen should not travel outside of the neighborhood. If the teen driver breaks this rule, the app will automatically notify the driver’s parents with the exact location of the vehicle. If parents have set a curfew within the app, Blue Link will also notify them when it is broken. This helpful tool allows parents to monitor their teens, enforce safe driving rules, and keep their kids safe.

Teens have not logged as many hours on the road as older drivers, which puts them at a disadvantage. But, they can still stay safe while behind the wheel with a little help from these teen driver safety tools and apps. Go over these options with your teens to determine which tools are right for your family!